$3,900,000,000 Gold Backed Token Is Now Ready To Be Minted By The Community.

Join now to experience the latest technology of minting a gold-backed cryptocurrency, introduced by the well-known GauraX Exchange.

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About Mercury

Why choose Asset Backed Token | S39 Gold?

About S39 GOLD (S39G)

Gold-backed digital currencies have become popular in recent years. S39 Gold (S39G), a gold-backed cryptocurrency, has many advantages over fiat currencies. S39 Token and Dubai-based Gaura Blockchain developed the gold-backed token.
S39G holds $3.9 billion of gold from the S39 community. Whereas, GAURA is primarily a blockchain ecosystem that focuses on facilitating peer-to-peer online e-commerce transactions using cryptocurrencies.
This decentralised ecosystem can also build a transaction block in 15 seconds with almost zero gas transaction fee. GAURA blockchain transactions cost $0.00000001 per, or 1 GAURA for over 100 million transactions.
S39G token holders’ profit most from gold redemption. Momentarily token holder’s own gold. The Fitrah Gold app or S39G retailers could exchange tokens for gold or they can also trade S39G on GauraX for any other coin.


S39G works by creating a digital representation of physical gold, which is held in a secure vault or storage facility. Each token is backed by a certain amount of gold, which is held in reserve to ensure that the token's value remains stable. There are several benefits to using a gold-backed cryptocurrency, including:

Safe and Secure


World Coverage


Instant Exchange

Earn Rewards

Mobile Apps

Physical Gold Redemption

Strong Network

Global Accessibility

Margin Trading

Earn Gold Asset

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The Owner


The Founder & CEO

Mr Graham Baldwin, 74 years old, born in London, England. He took the advantage of his 30 years of experience in gold mining and real estate projects to create a decentralised technology driven business known as S39G. By creating S39 foundation in the year 2021, he became a philanthropist with the slogan 1 Team, 1 Community, 1 Dream. Through digital assets and technology driven platforms, he aims to create a financial freedom community regardless of nationality, race, or education level. Decentralization is an essential component of creating wealth, as he believes that everyone deserves it!

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